Is a light and gentle massage that should not be confused with traditional massages.Through the pumping, cupping and stretching effect of lymph vessels, MLD makes lymph flow faster and stimulates the formation of new connections between lymph vessels, and helps move lymph fluid around the lymphatic system throughout the body.

The lymph vessel system is responsible for carrying excess water, proteins and wastes from the connective tissue back to the bloodstream. After a surgery in which the tissue has been altered, cut or stretched, the body's natural reaction is to congest or block the damage tissue causing scar tissue, toxins and protein build up. MLD helps transport away any inflammatory product built in the area. The quicker this can happen, the faster the recovery will be.

MLD has a diversity of applications including but not limited to:

  • Post-op Cosmetic Surgery
  • Post-op Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Non-Infected Inflammatory conditions
  • Sports injuries
  • Circulatory disturbances